Report: Microsoft Will Unveil Windows 9 on Tuesday, September 30

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Report: Microsoft Will Unveil Windows 9 on Tuesday, September 30

Microsoft may sound the death knell for Windows 8 before the OS even reaches its second birthday.

According to new reports from The Verge, Microsoft will unveil Windows 9 on Tuesday, September 30.

That report comes in the footsteps of a previous report from Microsoft insider Mary Jo Foley who claimed that Windows 9 would be unveiled in “late September or early October”.

Windows 9, which is currently codenamed Threshold, is in active development. Microsoft has not announced anything publically about Windows 9, Windows Threshold, or the demise of Windows 8, so everything we know about the OS so far is built on a mountain of rumors and inside sources.

windows 8 charms bar

Here’s what we can expect on September 30:

-Microsoft will release a preview version of Windows 9 to developers

-This preview version will showcase a new miniature Start Menu

-Windows 9 will remove the Charms bar, which was one of the most controversial features in Windows 8

-Windows 9 could feature an early version of Cortana (Microsoft’s new voice-based assistant software), but it’s unknown whether or not this will make it into the final build of Windows 9

-Microsoft will present an overview of key new features on Tuesday, September 30 while simultaneously releasing a technical preview for developers and enthusiasts

-Microsoft is also currently developing a combined version of Windows RT and Windows Phone, and that may also be presented at the event

windows 8-1

Ultimately, we don’t know anything official about Windows 9, but we do know that Microsoft is developing something big. The company isn’t as leak-proof as Google or Apple, so early rumors and speculation surrounding Microsoft tend to be more true than false.

Anyways, if you’re excited about Windows 9, then you may want to take a personal day on Tuesday, September 30 to install the new Windows 9 developer’s preview.

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