Rumor: Xbox One Price Will Drop “Massively” and Add 1TB Hard Drive

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Rumor: Xbox One Price Will Drop “Massively” and Add 1TB Hard Drive

The Xbox One currently costs $500 for a base model. How would you like to pay less for your console AND receive a major upgrade to storage space?

Sounds good, right? Fortunately for you, Microsoft may be planning to do exactly that over the coming months.

According to online rumors and unreliable sources, Microsoft will be releasing a cheaper model Xbox One for $399. That model could ditch the Blu-Ray drive and focus exclusively on digital downloads.

That source is a NeoGAF user who goes by the username ntkrnl. A whole bunch of interesting information was revealed in this thread:

Some of the highlights of the thread include information about Crackdown 3, Halo 2: Anniversary Edition, the next Forza Horizon and Gears of Wars games, and more.


Microsoft is currently being outsold by the Playstation 4 in the latest console war – although not by a huge margin. In most countries, the PS4 is outselling the Xbox One by a ratio of about 1.5:1.

Why should you believe ntkrnl? Microsoft is actively pursuing litigation against the guy, so that suggests there is some truth and insider information to these rumors.

Besides, we’ve seen Microsoft change its mind a number of major times over the last few years. It reversed its always-online and restrictive DRM policies, for example, and decided to give gamers the ability to disable Kinect.

Could a new Xbox One be on the way just months after the first one launched?

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