Self-destructing hard drives coming soon

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Self-destructing hard drives coming soon

Whether you’re a member of a super-secret spy agency like the Mission Impossible team, or you’ve just got a bunch of pirated HD movies saved onto your hard drive, you need to hide your files when the bad guys come to your door.

Data storage device manufacturer RunCore has created a new SSD called InVincible which features instant self-destruction at the flick of a switch. Should you need to use it, that self-destruction button will set the card ablaze, making all the data inside inaccessible.

In that sense, RunCore isn’t exactly InVincible, but it is certainly is impenetrable.

RunCore isn’t just catering to people who like to hide illegal files on their PC. It’s also expected to be used by people in the military, aerospace field, and secret industrial projects.

Today, physically destroying a hard drive is the only way to make its data permanently inaccessible. Despite claims by some software manufacturers that they will permanently delete data from your hard drive, that data is almost always recoverable. When you physically destroy the SSD with InVincible’s method, you make it impossible for somebody to track your data.

Check out a video of this cool self-destruction technology at work:


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