Steam now features more than just PC games

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Steam now features more than just PC games

Many PC users are familiar with Steam, the popular free gaming platform created by Valve. Steam has been out for several years, but until today, it only gave users the ability to buy games from its online store.

That is no longer the case. If you log onto Steam (or visit the store here) you’ll find all sorts of new software programs available. Steam promises that the software will help you:

“Unleash your creativity, test your rig, make some games, or just relax and create the best unicorns, sunsets, and capital ships you can.”

Currently, Steam’s software section features a variety of benchmarking and game development tools. Popular choices include:

-GameMaker: Studio

-3DMark 11

-ArtRage Studio Pro

-And more

These software choices should pair well with Steam’s new Greenlight services, which allows developers to pitch ideas to Steam users in order to receive the ‘greenlight’ to continue development with community support.

In any case, all Steam software is 10% for the next few days. If you’ve always wanted to jump into game design, then now’s your chance.

With the release of Steam Big Picture a few weeks ago and today’s new software section, Valve is clearly trying to establish Steam as a multimedia platform for more than just PC gamers. In any case, innovation like this is good for the software industry and for PC gamers as a whole.

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