Tim Cook Calls iPad Pro the Final Nail in PC’s Coffin

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Tim Cook Calls iPad Pro the Final Nail in PC’s Coffin

Apple CEO Tim Cook made a controversial statement earlier today when he claimed that the iPad Pro – which is a worse-performing, more expensive version of virtually every tablet on the market today – will be the final nail in the PC’s coffin.

Cook believes that with the iPad Pro on the market, nobody needs a PC any longer. Cook revealed that information in an interview by the Telegraph:

“I think if you’re looking at a PC, why would you buy a PC anymore? No really, why would you buy one?”

Really, Timmy? There’s no use for PCs anymore? Just to name a few reasons off the top of my head, people use PCs for high-end performance gaming, productivity tasks, high-end processing, customizability, upgradeability, and much more.

Tim’s comments were made just as the iPad Pro went on sale – so he obviously had a point to his controversial statement. Described as “Thin. Light. Epic” by Apple’s predictable slogan team, the iPad Pro features the following tech specs:

-12.9-inch screen with 2048×2732 (265 ppi pixel density)

-A9X 64-bit Chip

-8MP rear camera, 1.2MP front-facing camera

-32/128GB of internal storage


-Wi-Fi or LTE modes both available

ipad pro

Like all Apple products, the iPad Pro is priced significantly higher than its competitors offering comparable tech specs for no apparent reason. Here’s how much you’ll pay for different iPad Pro models:

-Wi-Fi 32GB: $799 USD

-Wi-Fi 128GB: $949 USD

-Wi-Fi + LTE 128GB: $1079 USD

There’s no 32GB LTE option available.

This just shows how out of touch with reality Tim Cook is. Or, more likely, it shows how smart Apple is at marketing.

By ignoring millions of people, Cook has probably once again convinced Apple users that Apple products will be the only computers on the market in the future and that there will never be any other reason to buy a PC ever again – just like Steve Jobs famously declared a decade ago.

Meanwhile, PC sales are surprisingly strong – especially among the surging PC gaming market.

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