Toys R Us announces tablet for kids

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Toys R Us announces tablet for kids

Tablet computers are changing the world every day. However, most tablet computers are geared towards hip, technology-oriented adults. However, the “tablets for kids” market hasn’t been totally ignored, and parents who are interested in teaching their kids about technology have several different options on the market.

Well, the kids tablet computer market is about to become a little more diverse. On October 21, Toys R Us will begin selling a tablet computer for children. Called the Tabeo, the tablet computer will include a number of educational programs, games, and storybooks. Instead of giving kids access to the dangerous world of the internet, the Tabeo will feature plenty of content locks to keep parents happy.

The Tabeo will run a modified version of Android 4.0, and it will come preinstalled with 50 different apps for children. There will be popular games like Angry Birds as well as educational storybooks and other products that aim to give kids a wholesome learning experience.

The Tabeo isn’t the first tablet for kids that has been developed. There are also tablets called the LeapPad and the InnoTab, both of which seek to offer a safer, more responsible browsing experience for children. The LeapPad was released just before the holiday season last year, and it performed fairly well according to reports.

Priced at $149.99, the tablet is a fairly affordable birthday or Christmas gift for families to buy their children. It’s not quite priced low enough to be an impulse buy, but it could be the hot-ticket item of the holiday season if parents – and kids – start to catch onto the device.

To learn more about the Toys R Us Tabeo kids tablet, click here.

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