Ultrabook sales surge amid struggling laptop PC market

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Ultrabook sales surge amid struggling laptop PC market

When you think of laptop PCs, the word ‘high-quality’ doesn’t always come to mind. That’s because most PC manufacturers focus on attracting lower-end consumers interested in sub-$500 laptops. This means most PC manufacturers cut corners, leading to lower-quality laptops and diminishing public perception of PCs.

That’s why Intel’s new line of Ultrabooks is good for fans of the PC. By establishing a legitimate brand in the higher-end PC market, Intel has been able to steal some market share away from Apple. In the past, the higher-end computer market has been pretty much gifted to Apple – particularly in the laptop industry. Alienware laptops were basically Apple’s only competitor in that market, and they were built to cater to gamers.

If recent Ultrabook sales are any indication, that market share has been steadily shifting over the last few months. More and more higher-end consumers are buying Ultrabooks as opposed to any other types of machines. In the over $700+ market for laptops, Ultrabook sales have risen from 6% to 15% market share in just five months.

Ultrabooks have also managed to expand the $900+ market for laptops. Since the Ultrabook was introduced, sales of laptops priced in that range have significantly increased.

So what is an Ultrabook? Basically, it’s an Intel-based laptop that must meet a strict set of requirements before being allowed to use the name ‘Ultrabook’. These requirements cover a range of quality assurance indicators, but the point is that consumers can trust Ultrabooks to deliver good performance and value.

Do you own an Ultrabook? What do you think of it? Let us know in the comments!

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