Using Ninite to Easily Install All the Software You Need on a New PC

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Using Ninite to Easily Install All the Software You Need on a New PC

If you recently purchased a new PC, then you’re probably ready to fill it with your favorite software. But you probably don’t want to spend hours navigating to every program’s website and manually install each and every program, right?

Of course not! That’s why a website called is changing the way PC users approach a free OS install. Instead of taking an hour to install dozens of different programs, Ninite can download and install them with just a few clicks.

How it works could not be easier to use. Users simply go to and check all of the programs that they wish to download. Programs are separated into sections like Web Browsers, Messengers, Media, and other categories. You can click dozens of different programs or just a handful.

Once you’ve chosen the software that you wish to install on your new PC, click the Get Installer button at the bottom of your page. This button will download an automatic installation tool that will download the latest version of all the software you chose.

Depending on how many different programs you chose – and the speed of your internet connection – the installer will take anywhere from a few minutes to half an hour to complete its process. Be patient and grab something to eat. The installation process is entirely automated, which means your job could not be easier.

Voila! You just saved at least a few minutes off your life. If you spend a lot of time building new PCs, then is one site that you absolutely have to bookmark.

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