Website Dedicated to Online Privacy Protection Gets Hacked

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Website Dedicated to Online Privacy Protection Gets Hacked

In a rough twist of irony, a PC security website recently got hacked because it was running an outdated version of WordPress.

That website is run by Microsoft and called Digital Constitution. It’s dedicated to promoting online privacy protection.

After getting hacked, however, Digital Constitution was promoting online casinos.

The hack was first spotted by

Instead of wrecking the entire site, the hackers took a different approach: they hacked the top of the site and displayed keywords commonly used to find online casinos. Then, they linked to the casino’s websites.

Those links were displayed on the site’s homepage and on several other pages throughout the site. Attackers left the rest of the site intact.


The issue has since been fixed and Microsoft hasn’t mentioned the hack anywhere on the website.

Apparently, the hack took place because Digital Constitution was running WordPress 4.0.5, which is an older version of the content management system. The current version of 4.2.2.

The cyberattack was not linked to any group or scammer and nobody claimed responsibility.

Digital Constitution was launched in mid-2013 not long after the Edward Snowden leaks first came out. Microsoft uses the site to talk about its views on government surveillance and comments on recent legal cases – like its fight against an international search warrant.

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