What Do Your Smartphone and Windows 9 Have in Common? Apparently, a Notification Center

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What Do Your Smartphone and Windows 9 Have in Common? Apparently, a Notification Center

The latest rumors about Windows 9 have given us an interesting look into Microsoft’s direction for its flagship operating system.

Rumors are flying left, right, and center. Today, rumors emerged that Windows 9 will have a notification center – just like your phone.

That notification center will be very similar to the Windows Phone Action Center. It will also be similar to Android’s notification center and the notification center you get on Mac OS.

This news isn’t exactly groundbreaking, but it does show that Microsoft is willing to try out new things without going as far into left field as it did with Windows 8.

windows 9 2

Other rumors about Windows 9 surfaced this week. Those rumors include:

-Microsoft will release a public beta for Windows 9 and will listen to user feedback throughout the beta process.

According to WinBeta.org, “the Windows 9 Technical Preview will focus heavily on feedback…Feedback will drive this preview more than any preview Microsoft has ever conducted in its history, so much so that the feedback you submit could alter your version of Windows with a distinct set of features, different from those who submit different feedback.”

-Microsoft may not even call Windows 9 “Windows 9”. One rumor states that all future Windows releases will simply be called “Windows”.

windows 9 3

-A basic version of Windows 9 may already be floating around Microsoft internally

We won’t know anything for certain about Windows 9 for a little while. But Microsoft is reportedly planning to unveil the OS on September 30. We don’t even know if that’s true yet, but all signs point to yes.

Meanwhile, a full public release of Windows 9 could happen as early as March 2013.

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