Which US State Has the Fastest Internet Connections?

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Which US State Has the Fastest Internet Connections?

In developed countries, it’s natural to think that we all have access to equally fast internet connections.

But that’s not necessarily true. Someone living in rural Alaska or Guam isn’t going to enjoy the same fast internet speeds as someone living in the Google Fiber haven of Kansas City.

A new study reveals exactly which states in the US have the fastest internet speeds: and the answer will probably surprise you.

us internet speed

That picture was created by a company called Broadview Networks. Broadview Networks used data from a recent Akamai study called “State of the Internet”.

Anyway, here is some of the interesting data we’ve learned from that list:

-Virginia has the fastest internet speed in the country with an average speed of 13.7 megabits per second.

-Alaska had the slowest speeds, with an average speed of 7Mbps.

-That equates to average download speeds of 1.7MB per second in Virginia and .875 megabytes per second in Alaska

-Delaware, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and D.C. were the remaining 5 states in the top 5

-California and Texas – the two most populous states in the country, both ranked poorly. California was ranked 20th despite being home to most of the largest tech companies in the nation.

youtube test

How fast is your internet? You should try out the Google Video Quality Report to determine how your internet connection stacks up to others in your area.

That video quality report also indicates interesting data – like the busiest times to use the internet and the least busy times to use the internet.

Another good testing system is SpeedTest.net, which lets you measure your internet speed in terms of megabits per second.

Anyways, if you like fast internet, move to Virginia.

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