Why is My Computer is Running at 99% CPU?

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Why is My Computer is Running at 99% CPU?

Your CPU is an important part of your PC. But you already know that. You’re here because you want to know why your PC is running at 99% in your Windows Task Manager.

Fortunately, 99% CPU usage isn’t always a bad thing. It’s one problem that tends to look a lot worse than it actually is.

Troubleshooting – Open Windows Task Manager

If you want to troubleshoot your 99% CPU usage problem, then your first step should be opening Windows Task Manager. Go to the Processes tab and see which process is using all that CPU power.

In many cases, it will be an application called SVCHost.exe. SVCHost.exe is an official Windows process – so don’t worry about it being a virus.

In some cases, a sub-process of SVCHost.exe called uPNP (which lets you plug and play peripherals) will get stuck looking for compatible hardware. This causes 99% CPU usage. If you’re not trying to connect peripherals, disable that service by right clicking on it in the Services tab of Windows Task Manager.

If that works, then great! If not, then keep troubleshooting.

extreme cpu usage

Run a virus scan

SVCHost.exe is a good program and an official Windows process. There’s a piece of malware, however, called SVHost.exe. See the difference?

SVHost.exe preys on your lack of attention to detail. You miss the ‘C’ and think it’s an innocent Windows process. In reality, SVHost.exe is a malicious program that actively steals your CPU processing power and bandwidth.

To fix this problem, run an antivirus scan with your chosen antivirus software.

Other possible reasons behind high CPU usage

-Too many background programs or active programs

-You’re running a resource-intensive PC game

-Your drivers are out-of-date

-You have problems and errors within your Windows registry

-You don’t have enough physical memory or virtual memory

-Your computer is not being properly cooled and is overheating

upnp high cpu

Problem solved – run PC Cleaner Pro

In some cases, 99% CPU usage might have nothing to do with anything listed above. You may simply have a slow computer that’s running too many programs. If that’s the case, then you need to run PC Cleaner Pro.

It’s free to perform a PC Cleaner Pro scan, and that scan lets you see if there are any problems affecting your PC. If there are no problems to be found, then you don’t have to buy PC Cleaner Pro. If your scan does reveal some problems, then it’s a good idea to buy PC Cleaner Pro and run it every week.

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