Windows 10 Has an Estimated 120 Million Worldwide Users at the 3 Month Mark

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Windows 10 Has an Estimated 120 Million Worldwide Users at the 3 Month Mark

Within 3 months of making its debut, Windows 10 is estimated to have 120 million users around the world.

That number includes all desktops, laptops, and tablets.

Earlier in October, when Microsoft debuted the Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book, the company claimed that they had 110 million users and was exceptionally proud of that fact.

That 120 million installs isn’t actually an official number from Microsoft: it’s the result of a private study from Winbeta, which cited internal sources.

1 Billion Devices is the Goal

Microsoft has very publically stated that they would like to get Windows 10 onto a billion devices around the world.

If this growth rate continues (which would be very surprising), then Microsoft would hit a billion installs within about 24 months, which would be a year ahead of its schedule.

Nevertheless, Windows 10 devices have just started hitting the market. We still haven’t hit the Black Friday or Christmas 2015 surge yet, which will undoubtedly push install figures even higher.

One encouraging report for Microsoft comes from the fact that Intel estimates “over a billion PCs” in the world are over three years old, and half the world’s PCs are over five years old.

In other words, there will be a lot of people searching for upgrades to their Windows PCs in the near future.

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