What to Do When Windows 7 Refuses to Boot

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What to Do When Windows 7 Refuses to Boot

One of the most frustrating errors that any computer user can experience is when your PC refuses to boot up. This problem can occur for a bunch of different reasons, and troubleshooting it can be difficult. However, by following the steps listed below, you can solve many of the most common Windows 7 boot problems.

If your PC boots up but doesn’t take you to a Windows screen, then there are a few different ways to solve this problem.

First, try booting using a Windows 7 recovery disk. Or, if you don’t have a recovery disk, just insert the standard Windows 7 DVD into your drive. After restarting your computer, this should bring up the recovery menu.

If this doesn’t bring up the recovery menu, then there is likely a problem with your computer’s boot order. Open up the BIOS menu (that screen that first pops up when your computer turns on) by pressing a button like ‘Delete’ or ‘F12’ (every PC is different). The ‘boot order’ option should be on the first screen, but if it’s not, it will be easy to find. Place your DVD drive at the top of your boot order and restart your PC.

Once you have access to the Windows 7 recovery menu, follow the prompts to recover your computer. For many PCs, simply reinstalling or fixing Windows will be enough to cure your problem. But if it isn’t, then you might have to do a clean install of Windows, which can be found under the ‘System Restore’ option on that screen.

If your computer crashes randomly during startup, or before it ever arrives at the Windows screen, then you probably have a hardware problem. This will require more serious forms of computer repair, and your best option may be to take it to a computer repair shop.

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