Windows 8.1 Launch Disaster – How to Fix All Your Problems

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Windows 8.1 Launch Disaster – How to Fix All Your Problems

Windows 8.1 – like many Microsoft products in recent years – had a disastrous launch. So disastrous, in fact, that I’m still talking about it nearly one month after Windows 8.1 shipped.

Why am I still talking about it? Because many of the problems continue to affect PC users. That’s how rough this update was for the PC world.

Windows 8.1 launched on October 17. Since then, a number of minor to major problems have been discovered with the latest Microsoft release. These problems have frustrated everyone from IT professionals to casual users to gamers.

Here are some of the problems Windows 8.1 users are facing:

-Windows 8.1 often crashes due to outdated firmware or driver problems, including outdated or unrecognized drivers

-Many Windows 8.1 users were unable to boot their systems after installing Windows 8.1

-Windows 8.1 had issues detecting peripherals and allowing those peripherals to work properly

-Serious mouse-control problems when playing a number of PC games

-In some cases, Windows 8.1 cannot complete its installation due to the presence of outdated drivers or incompatible software

-Some older PCs had trouble upgrading to Windows 8.1 because Windows 8.1 introduced new hardware requirements that made the older PCs obsolete


Who’s to blame?

Microsoft has no one to blame but themselves for the Windows 8.1 launch disaster. A little more testing would have gone a long ways towards ensuring a stable release for Windows 8.1. Windows 8.1 did go through an extended beta stage with a diverse range of users, but clearly that stage was not enough to avoid all Windows 8.1 problems

Many of the Windows 8.1 problems were so serious that consumers had to uninstall the update. Microsoft also temporarily took down the 8.1 update from the Windows store.

What can you do to fix these problems?

windows 8-1

Why did I choose to write about the Windows 8.1 problems today? Because Microsoft finally released an official fix for these issues. That means you can stop worrying about installing weird workarounds and performing other annoying troubleshooting procedures.

To fix your Windows 8.1 problems, including mouse control problems in PC games and other serious issues, download the latest update from the official Microsoft website here.

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