Windows 8.1 Release Date

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Windows 8.1 Release Date

Early adopters of Windows 8 found a surprisingly stable operating system. Although it has its flaws, Windows 8 has received generally favorable reviews, even if these reviews are nowhere near spectacular.

Microsoft could eliminate many user complaints about Windows 8 with its upcoming Windows 8.1 patch. In the past, Microsoft has released incremental patches to respond to user suggestions and complaints (remember Windows 3.1?). And if it did the same with Windows 8, it might be able to silence a fair number of its critics while drawing in some new users in the process.

An article over at argued the importance of incremental release dates for Microsoft. In that article, world-renowned tech writer John C. Dvorak claimed that the incremental upgrade model showed that Microsoft was being proactive about its user support and was introducing new features as it saw fit, now because users were complaining about the operating system so much.

Although Windows XP, Vista, and 7 don’t use the incremental numbering scheme (switching instead to the ‘Service Pack 1, 2, 3 model), it could be argued that ‘8.1’ sounds a lot more important than ‘Service Pack 1 for Windows 8’. Service Pack sounds like it’s fixing an existing problem. 8.1 sounds like it’s introducing something new.

Windows 8 Service Pack 1 aka Windows 8.1 release date

So when would this software package be released? Nobody knows. But if Microsoft values its customers – and more importantly, its brand image – then it will want to release a large Windows 8 package as soon as possible.

Something as simple as giving users the ability to disable the Metro interface could have a hugely positive impact on the new operating system – especially for those users who don’t own massive touchscreen monitors on their desktop computers.

We hope to see the Windows 8 Service Pack 1 released soon. Whether it’s called Windows 8.1 or simply Service Pack 1, one single patch could totally change Microsoft’s future.

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  1. K

    The major patch should allow users to disable Modern UI. Why are we limited only to get 3rd party software (Start8 from Stardock for instance) to do the job partially (e.g. search within the start menu isn’t as fluid as in win 7.

    Windows 8’s Modern UI is incomplete; it lacks a proper Windows explorer for instance (UI look and feel). I tested a 3rd party windows explorer which was very compelling (it had a similar interface to Office 356). I wished this was a pre-built addition to the OS as it made the link between modern UI and traditional (classic) experience quite transparent.

    I hope the above comes in a patch, and not in Windows 9. Do we really need to have every other Windows to be good? Remember this, win 2000 (good), XP (got better after a few service packs), vista (not really), 7 (very good), and finally 8 (duh?)

    I couldn’t care less about touch capability for a proper laptop computer (I tested this 20 different laptops and ultrabooks, and I found the experience rather ridiculous and time consuming, I have to move my hand off the keyboard to … touch an icon? I can do more effectively with a touch pad. And I can type faster than I can touch.

    Windows 8 was built on top of Win7, and not from the ground up as it was claimed during the pre-release and early development. I was disappointed because I wanted Microsoft to go into bringing even a better OS rather a cosmetic interfcace.

    I’m sticking to Win 7 ultimate until Win 8 is a better replacement for users who really don’t care about a bunch of tiles. Feature wise, I don’t think Win 8 has added anything interesting from an OS perspective.

    @Microsoft, leave the choice to the user and the computer running Windows 8. Don’t drive the experience otherwise. Just keep options there. And lastly, listen to what customers/users are saying since the pre-release.

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