Windows 8 won’t have Aero user interface

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Windows 8 won’t have Aero user interface

If you plan on upgrading to Windows 8 later this year, don’t expect to see the Aero user interface when you get there. Microsoft has announced that the sleek Aero UI, first introduced in Windows Vista and optimized in Windows 7, will not be featured in the upcoming Windows 8.

What is the Aero UI? Well, if you’re using Windows Vista or Windows 8, hold down the Windows key and press ‘Tab’. You should see a scrolling rotation of all your open application windows. Another popular part of the Aero UI is its attractive, translucent windows and smooth, rounded edges. This helped progress the operating system from the square and blocky days of old into a new, streamlined age.

What advantages does this have for Windows 8 users? Well, just because Aero is going away doesn’t mean that Windows 8 won’t look sleek and stylish. Microsoft plans to incorporate some of the features of Aero into Windows 8, with the ultimate goal being a sleek UI that prominently features applications.

Getting rid of Aero will also help to improve battery life on Windows 8 laptops and tablet computers. This won’t affect desktop users, but Microsoft has made it apparent from the start that Windows 8 will be designed with mobile users in mind.

Here’s a sneak peek at the basic interface that Windows 8 users can expect to see later this fall:

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