Xbox One Bundle Deal Now Makes It Cheaper than the PlayStation 4

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Xbox One Bundle Deal Now Makes It Cheaper than the PlayStation 4

If you’ve been holding off on your new console purchase, then you’re in luck: Microsoft recently dropped the price of the Xbox One, effectively making it as cheap as the PlayStation 4 if not cheaper.

Here’s how pricing works:

-Best Buy and Walmart both currently offer a new Xbox One bundle deal

-That bundle includes the Xbox One console, one controller, and Titanfall, and costs $450 ($50 less than an Xbox One by itself).

-Basically, you get Titanfall for free along with a discount on the Xbox One

xbox one vs ps4

The PlayStation 4 continues to cost $400 for the basic console plus one controller. If you buy the PS4/PS Plus bundle, however, it costs $450. You can also get a PS4-plus-game bundle for $460, which is why some people look at this Xbox One deal as being cheaper than the Sony offering.

Microsoft is clearly feeling the effects of the pricing difference between the PS4 and Xbox One. Most reports have the PS4 outselling the Xbox One but not by a ridiculously large margin. In February 2014, for example, Microsoft sold 10% fewer consoles than Sony. That’s to be expected with a $100 price difference.

The new Xbox One Titanfall bundle also includes:

-Chat headset

-HDMI cable

-1 month Xbox Live Gold membership

-Titanfall game download

Don’t buy the bundle and expect to play Titanfall from the moment you boot up your console. Instead, you’ll have to wait to download it. The Titanfall download is quite large. On PC, it’s estimated to take up about 50GB (!) of hard drive space.

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