Yes, a Microsoft Office for iPad is Finally in the Works

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Yes, a Microsoft Office for iPad is Finally in the Works

Microsoft has finally confirmed something that iPad owners have wanted for some time: Microsoft is actively developing a version of Microsoft Office for the iPad.

Microsoft’s on-the-way-out CEO Steve Ballmer confirmed the news at a business event in Florida, where he said that Microsoft will release Office for iPad as soon as a touch-friendly Office version for Windows is released.

An Office for iPad has been rumored for quite some time, although Microsoft has always refused to confirm it’s in the works – especially since it has heavily marketed Windows tablets as the best way to run Office and even used Office as its killer app to promote Windows devices.

It looks like Microsoft has shifted its marketing approach away from its Office exclusivity for Windows scheme. Meanwhile, tablet users will surely be happy to have a touch-optimized version of Office for their Surfaces and other Windows tablets.

Expect Office for iPad to be released sometime over the upcoming year. I would also imagine that it would come with an Office 365 subscription requirement.

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