You Can Now Email Mark Zuckerberg for $100

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You Can Now Email Mark Zuckerberg for $100

You know Mark Zuckerberg, right? He’s the billionaire owner of Facebook. Well, normally, talking directly to a billionaire is difficult. You have to sneak past their security guards and disable their alarm system – and to make matters at worse, you have to do this in the middle of the night so nobody sees you.

Fortunately for billionaire stalkers, Mark Zuckerberg recently became the world’s easiest billionaire to contact. In fact, you can send him a message today without even leaving your office chair.

Well, the only reason you would have to leave your office chair is to grab your wallet. And I hope your wallet is fat, because sending a message to the Zuck isn’t cheap. That’s right: Facebook is whoring out its owner’s inbox for a price of $100 a pop.

Last month, Facebook introduced a feature that allowed users to send messages to users they weren’t friends with for $1. Apparently, that trial feature performed better than expected, because if users weren’t willing to pay for Facebook messaging features at $1, it probably wouldn’t have rolled out a $100 messaging service.


What’s the catch?

There’s a catch to the $100 message sent to Mark Zuckerberg: he doesn’t have to respond to that message. He’s a billionaire, and even if 1,000 people paid to send him messages all day, it wouldn’t be worthwhile to take the time to respond to each one. After all, he’s got advertising bills to cash.

So if you’re willing to pay $100 for the thought that a billionaire celebrity might read a message sent over Facebook, then try out Facebook’s $100 message feature today by going to your message inbox.

For what it’s worth, I let people email me for a low price of just $14.99. So if you’re interested, leave me a comment below and we’ll arrange payment details as quickly as possible. I’ll even respond to your message and probably try to be your friend.

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