You Can Now Get Lights on your PC Mousepad

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You Can Now Get Lights on your PC Mousepad

Everyone knows that lights make your computer run faster. You’ve probably got lights on your mouse, fans, and even your keyboard. But now, thanks to Razer, you can also get lights on your mousepad.

That’s right: Razer made an LED-enabled mousepad that is surprisingly cool. This is not an April Fool’s joke. It’s a real thing you can buy in stores soon.

It’s called the Razer Firefly and it’s priced at $60. You can currently only preorder it from the Razer store online, and the company estimates that products will ship in June 2015. This is what it looks like:

razer firefly

Razer uses plenty of superlatives to describe its new invention, like:

“In order to achieve the perfect balance between control and speed, the Razer Firefly features a hard, micro-textured finish that gives you pinpoint accuracy and effortless speed.”

Razer also claims their product has been tested and used by eSports athletes:

“Validated by eSports athletes, the Razer Firefly is engineered to give you complete control regardless of which gaming mouse or sensitivity settings you use. Its lab-tested coating features an enhanced reflective quality to deliver rapid in-game responsiveness.”

Once again, we’re talking about a mousepad here.

16.8 Million Customizable Color Options

The mousepad doesn’t just glow in one color. It glows in over 16.8 million different color options.

The mousepad features LED lights along the left, right, and bottom sides of the device. There’s also a Razer logo in the top right corner of the pad that will light up.

These lights sync up with other Chroma-enabled Razer devices to provide a cohesive gaming experience. Most people, however, will be happy to set their color and forget about it:

The mousepad works for PC and Mac. You’ll need a free USB port for the mousepad to work.

There are several different color settings available, including Wave, where multiple colors move around the outside edge of the pad, as well as “Breathing”, where the mousepad glows and pulsates like as if it were a real, breathing thing.

My personal favorite is the Reactive setting, which lights up every time you click the left mouse button on your mouse (as long as it’s a Razer mouse).

What do you think? Has science gone too far? Or is this the cool invention you’ve been waiting for to put the finishing touches on your gaming setup?

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