You Can Now Pre-Order Windows 8.1 for $119 – Here Are Some Windows 8.1 Pros and Cons

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Windows 8.1 is the first major update to Windows 8. On previous ‘.1’ patches or Service Pack 1 patches, Microsoft has addressed significant operating system issues.

With Windows 8.1, Microsoft looks to continue that tradition. Windows 8.1 brings back the Start button – sort of. It also makes searching better and adds a number of built-in apps and features. In short, Windows 8.1 does all of the things Windows 8 should have done before its launch a year ago.

Windows 8.1 is currently available for $119. If you already own Windows 8, then you’ll get the upgrade for free. It’s $119 for users who are upgrading from previous versions of Windows 8.

And by golly, look how ugly the Windows 8.1 packaging is:

windows 8-1

If they took out the Windows 8.1 and Microsoft names on the cover, I would assume that those were packages of discount paper from the 1980s. Jeez.

Windows 8.1 will launch on October 18 around the world – New Zealand gets it first at 12am local time (or 4am the day before on the West Coast of North America).

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