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How to Disable This app is preventing shutdown Message in Windows 10

Apr 10th 2018 - by Fix My PC FREE in: Blog Tips Windows 10 | 0 Comment

When you are trying to shut your computer down or restart it but there are still open running programs in the background, you will see a message on your screen stating, “Closing apps and shutting down/restarting, This app is preventing shutdown/restart”. Here’s the full content of the message: “Closing apps and shutting down/restarting To go back and save your work, click Cancel and

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How to Rebuild Windows 10 Font Cache

Apr 5th 2018 - by Fix My PC FREE in: Blog Tips Windows 10 | 0 Comment

As you probably know, the Windows operating system generates a cache for the fonts so that they’ll load faster whenever you open a program, app, the File Explorer, and so on. However, if you are currently experiencing some issues with the fonts, where they do are not properly rendering or they’re displaying invalid or incorrect characters, on your Windows 10 PC, it could be that the Font Cache

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What to do if JPG files won’t open on Windows 10

Mar 28th 2018 - by Fix My PC FREE in: Blog Tips Windows 10 | 0 Comment

It is a known fact that Windows 10 is a great operating system that offers tons of new and cool features but it does not necessarily mean that it’s perfect as it still encounters a couple of issues here and there. One of the usual issues constantly faced by many users is Windows 10 failing to open a JPG image file. This is a common problem. The annoying thing about this problem is that a lot of

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Erasing Bonanza Deals (Adware/PUP)

Mar 26th 2018 - by Fix My PC FREE in: PC Protection News Tips Windows 10 | 0 Comment

  What is Bonanza Deals? And how does it function? Bonanza Deals is an ad-supported program or adware that delivers users with tons of ads. Though Bonanza is a legitimate service which is similar to eBay where users have to register and create an account before they can proceed with selling their items on the Bonanza website, if you suddenly noticed a sudden increase of ads whenever you

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What to do if Desktop Icons loads slow in Windows 10

Mar 6th 2018 - by Fix My PC FREE in: Blog Tips Windows 10 | 0 Comment

This post will give you a couple of suggestions you can try if your desktop icons in your Windows 10 PC are slow to load and if you’re also having some boot problems. These kinds of issues usually occur due to the presence of many programs in the startup as well as a corrupted User Profile or Icon Cache file and so on. So if your desktop icons are slow to load, here’s what you can do:

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How to use the Photos app Choose a Star feature in Windows 10

Mar 1st 2018 - by Fix My PC FREE in: Blog Tips Windows 10 | 0 Comment

  The “Choose a Star” feature is the latest feature to that was added to the Photos app in Windows 10. In this feature, the Photos app makes use of its AI capabilities to look for a center of attraction in an entire album and make a summary video of what it is all about that particular star. In this, the Photos App uses its AI capabilities to identify a center of attraction of a

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How to Configure Firefox New Tab Preferences on Windows 10

Feb 28th 2018 - by Fix My PC FREE in: Blog Tips Windows 10 | 0 Comment

  The Mozilla Firefox Quantum web browser offers a couple of options that lets users configure and customize the new tab, not just on a Windows 10 PC but also on older versions of Windows. In this post, you will be guided on how to configure the new tab preferences on your Mozilla Firefox browser in Windows 10. By default, Firefox displays update from Mozilla as well as the websites

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How to Stop Firefox from opening new tabs when clicking a link

Feb 19th 2018 - by Fix My PC FREE in: Blog Fix PC Free News Tips | 0 Comment

There are times when Mozilla Firefox opens empty tabs or new windows repeatedly out of the blue – this is caused by some bug in the browser. When that happens, you might have to close and restart the browser. However, all those opened empty tabs will reopen again in case you restore the previous session. In this post, you’ll know exactly how you can stop Firefox from opening new tabs or window

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What to do if Windows 10 PC takes forever to restart

Feb 12th 2018 - by Fix My PC FREE in: Blog Tips Windows 10 | 0 Comment

  It can be somewhat annoying when it takes forever to restart your PC. Just imagine a scenario where you are trying to restart your Windows 10 PC but instead of shutting down and booting up again, it only remains on the screen where it displays a message that says “Restarting” and a circle animation that indicates it is loading. However, it does not even shut down or restart and i

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How to Use the Feature Files Restore in OneDrive for Business in Windows 10

Jan 29th 2018 - by Fix My PC FREE in: Blog Tips Windows 10 | 0 Comment

A new useful feature for Business users of OneDrive was announced by the OneDrive team at Microsoft. This new feature is referred to as “Files Restore”. There are times when you might mess up with the files especially if you are handling one with large capacity cloud storage or when you work in a big company and you share a large cloud storage with other users, a file might be tampered with or

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