Computer problems – Blue screen of death?

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Yesterday I was online and suddently the screen went fuzzy and I saw a brief blue screen before it restarted. since then I’ve not been able to get past the windows Vista login screen (to access any of my files etc… or use any programs) without it restarting again, I see the blue screen sometimes before it restarts but it’s too brief to read, basically it just keeps restarting and nothing seems to work.

Can you please help me out here? I’ve tried a system restore but that doesn’t work (or I haven’t got anything out of trying it)

I don’t really want to send my computer in for repairs because I have my bank details in a notepad file on my desktop… I know they probably can’t look for legal reasons but I’m paranoid nonetheless.

Is there any way (if I had to put it in) that I could create a guest account without on windows? Like using the system setup (F2) or anything?

Thanks for any answers, I’m not too great with comps so if you could word it in a simple way I’d appreciate itI don’t understand how to use safe mode, it’s just a black screen with no options, if you could help me help me with using safe mode to perhaps delete a folder or create a guest account I’d be grateful

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