DeLand considers traffic devices to slow speeders

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DELAND — Complaints of speeding in neighborhoods prompted commissioners to ask the city’s engineer to estimate the cost to put up traffic devices to slow down motorists.

Reports of speeding and some accidents at the intersection of Stone Street and Voorhis Avenue sparked the interest in setting up speed humps, tables or cushions, said Keith Riger, city engineer and public services director. Other areas with reports of reckless drivers include South Florida Avenue near the Alliance Center, Victoria Hills Drive, Garfield and Plymouth avenues, and Clara and Euclid avenues, Riger said.

On Monday, Commissioner Leigh Matusick even suggested the use of roundabouts to slow down drivers.

“The commission asked us to prepare a budget to see what it would cost,” Riger said.

If anything materializes, it won’t be until after October, he said.

The idea is still in its preliminary stages, City Manager Michael Pleus said.

“Right now, we are just looking at options.” Pleus said.

Employees of the Alliance Center have used traffic cones near a crosswalk to help seniors cross the street, Riger said.

The city also plans to look at the use of “smart signs,” electronic signs that monitor speed limits. Riger said he would like to see a machine used on a trial basis that records traffic information to be downloaded onto a computer to analyze data collected.

An informational campaign will be carried out in neighborhoods to get the opinions and suggestions of residents living near the planned traffic alterations, Riger said.

Anyone interested in making their thoughts known about the city’s plan to slow down drivers can call Riger at 386-626-7196.

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