Installed large new hard drive, and my computer is very slow!?

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Hey everyone,
I just installed a new 320GB hard drive, and formatted it to install windows on it. I then installed windows XP Home Edition, on just one partition. I made just one large partition, and installed it on there. It installed fine, and the computer restarted, why is it going so slow now? It took forever to install windows on it after I put in the new hard drive. There is just one single hard drive I had to replace, because the other one I had corrupted.
Do I need to update my BIOS?
Also, when I start up my computer it says, Primary Drive not found. How can I make it recognize the primary drive?
Please help!
Is it also a RAM issue? I only have 256mb or ram. It was enough to run XP on my 55GB hard drive before.
Why is it so slow now? The RPM on the new hard drive is a LOT higher than the one I had before. Well, the old hard drive that got corrupted, was about 6 years old.
How much RAM should I get? Would 1GB be good enough? There are none on my files on it yet, just XP.

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