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Update 06:15 25/07/2008 This is a huge batch upload spanning approximately 1 week. I’d like to think that there was good enough reason i kept these vids in mind for uploading. Im sure one or two aren’t ‘fantastic’ by my own grading. looking back on a few, i probably feel I’m a better player now than i was ‘then’ when i kept the recording. Either way i make no apologies. After all, most visitors of my youtube vids these days seem to think my vids are crap and my skills are even worse – judging from the majority of comments I read. everyone is entitled to their opinion. I just hope the negative comments that aren’t constructive or elaborate in reasoning are the minority. “You’re shit” as a comment is just spam, imo. I much prefer, “You’re shit, because at 03:29 …” I think im an average player with ‘good’ and ‘bad’ days. I have not uploaded in quite some time due to horrible PC problems that I’ve been having. some of you are already aware of. Hence, why I’ve not been online playing mgo as much, nor having the recording capabilities. the amount of diagnostic tools and system checks I had to run to get my PC stable has been an interesting and agonising experience. I’ve ran; SiSoftware Sandra, Memtest, and other boot disc diagnostic tools. I’ve installed, uninstalled re-installed Vista and XP no fewer than 7 times over 3 days. end result – more parts had to be shipped back to the manufacturer under RMA :’( Ive since settled on an OS and I think (fingers crossed) that I now

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