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Yesterday, in Charlotte, NC, a 3rd grade student discharged a loaded gun in his elementary classroom.  Apparently he brought it to school and had it in his desk.  It was revealed that the 3rd grade student brought the gun because he was being bullied.

Back in February, I wrote an article about cyberbullying, and how this practice led to a kid committing suicide, and how his father has to live with this grief and pain for life.

This time, an 8-9 year old nearly killed other students because of fear of being bullied.

I have strong feelings about bullying, as I witnessed it as a teacher.  I didn’t tolerate it in my classroom, and I’m especially sensitive when kids have to deal with it, whether it’s off or online.

People need to take a step back and see how their actions affect others.  What do you possibly gain from tormenting others.

Please watch the video above. It’s my first serious video; I didn’t feel that being comedic would be appropriate for this topic.

Topic Question For Today:

What do you think about bullying, whether in person or online? Have you had to deal with one?

Leave a comment below or on the YouTube video above.

Lamarr Wilson is a former K-8 teacher, technology coordinator, and student mentor. He works with over 50 schools, teaching school leaders how to integrate technology into the curriculum. He is also a new writer, where he aims his edtech articles at students, helping them to improve their lives with advice, opinions, and his own brand of humor. His videos are also available on his YouTube channel.  Follow him on Twitter!

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